Vision & Mission

We have a vision

The degree of digitization and innovation in the construction industry is still very low at the present time.Due to the very good order situation, there has been no acute need in recent years to increase efficiency or even to deal with digitization at all. However, the shortage of skilled workers, increasing foreign competitors and the high speed are forcing the industry to rethink ever more strongly.

The terms have arrived. Many activities have already been launched. Ideas and good will are one thing, but execution is a different challenge. No matter which stakeholder.

We are convinced that in the future we will have to think and act even bigger, sometimes much more radically.

Not just products, it’s the processes and new standards we have to tackle.

Our mission

However, this is not achieved by a stakeholder alone.

Our approach is an independent, central matchmaking and collaboration platform that connects all stakeholders of the construction industry. Consisting of corporates, KMUs, craftsmen, startups, universities, associations, clusters, hubs, etc.. To support them operationally, topics relevant to the future, such as digitalization, modular construction, new work, alliances but also tackle the issue of technical and managerial shortages together.

Sounds complex, it is too.

But urgently needed, because the value chain must merge.


creates the central ‘stage’ and an independent ecosystem of and for experts in the construction industry.

For more innovation, efficiency and attractiveness of the construction industry.

beyondbricks sees itself as an umbrella brand, among others – u.a. various event formats, such as the startup fair ‘TECH IN CONSTRUCTION’, the barcamp (Handwerkscamp), various roundtables, and the newly founded ‘Bundesverband Digitales Bauwesen’ (BDBau) are docked.

One thing is to be said, we can not and do not want to do everything ourselves. We need your skills, networks and intrinsic motivation to make a difference. For this purpose, we have built up an already strong network of partners.

beyondbricks, with its existing as well as future brands, creates the right tools to tackle future-relevant topics together.